Extract yourself from the chaos of 
high-conflict situationsand interactions by becoming a
Conflict Influencer‚ĄĘ.

You know you're in a high-conflict dispute or situation when you realize that no matter what, it's always your fault and the other person is always the victim.

You are likely exhausted by the chaos and dread seeing the person or being around the situation that is causing it. The gloves come off, especially when someone with a high-conflict personality is involved. 

The Conflict Influencer class is instruction (1st half) and practical application to your situation (2nd half) and ongoing community for anyone involved in a high-conflict situation.

What others are saying


"Megan's course has made a significant impact on my ability to handle various interpersonal situations effectively. Learning to de-escalate tensions, write clearly, respond thoughtfully, propose solutions, and make requests in a diplomatic manner transformed how I navigate both personal and professional interactions.

By keeping interactions brief, informative, friendly, and firm, I've not only reduced stress but also fostered more productive exchanges. This approach has helped in minimizing misunderstandings, streamlining communication, and ultimately finding constructive paths forward. Megan's Conflict Influencer course has been so beneficial to me in multiple aspects of life! If you're struggling with your "co"-parent, family, friends or work colleagues this course is for you!"


Megan Hunter, The Conflict Influencer, is co-founder of the High Conflict Institute 
along with Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq.

After 20+ years teaching professionals around the world how to handle high-conflict disputes across many industries, governments, courts, and other organizations, she now expands her conflict expertise to the people who are faced with high-conflict situations every day‚ÄĒyou.

Megan brings professional and personal (mom of 3 and stepmom of 5) experience to the table and will guide you into becoming a Conflict Influencer yourself.

What others are saying

"We used a proposal (even after an extremely abusive message), ignored the nasty and simply replied with a proposal as we learned in your Conflict Influencer class, and it worked! My husband was elated as it saw him get 5 precious extra hours for his birthday with his little girl. Thank you!" 

September 5:  4-5:30pm Pacific
The Conflict Brain
How our brains work in conflict and how to get them in alignment to influence conflict positively. Learn the skills: BIFF, EAR + THINK, and SLIC.

September 12: 4-5:30pm Pacific
Your Conflict Tolerance Score
Discover if you're a Conflict Avoider, Conflict Comfortable, and how to get your score in alignment by becoming Conflict Assertive. Learn the skills: Choices, Proposals, and Options.

September 19: 4-5:30pm Pacific
The Conflict Types
Learn about the common high-conflict types, why they live in conflict-land and why it has to be their way and all about them. Practice and apply the skills.

September 26: 4-5:30pm Pacific
The Conflict Mash-up
Explore the dynamics between you and the other person, why you get triggered and how to avoid getting emotionally hooked. Practice and apply the skills to your situation.

October 3:  4-5:30pm Pacific
The Conflict Flip
Flip your script as you apply the skills and then teach the skills to another class participant. Flip your children's script by teaching them the skills too.

October 10: 4-5:30pm Pacific
The Conflict Release
Experience release as your stress reduces and confidence increases as a Conflict Influencer in your family. No more drama. You will know that you're doing everything you can to influence.

Who It's For

  • parents
  • co-parents
  • grandparents
  • neighbors
  • employees
  • business partners
  • family members
  • organizers
  • managers/leaders
  • others

Class details

  • held via Zoom
  • half and half instruction and discussion/practice
  • strategies for handling difficult relationships (blame, rage, manipulation, etc.) in divorce, co-parenting and blended families
  • confidential
  • will discuss any aspects of your situation but no legal advice will be given
  • will not be recorded
  • will receive a Certificate of Conflict Influencer Achievement and/or Mastery that can be used to indicate your willingness to be pro-active in handling conflict in your situation¬†

What others are saying
A.E. (stepparent)

"This is one of the most worthwhile courses for those navigating the often challenging environment of blended families. As a step parent you often feel helpless as to how you can support your family best during these high conflict situations, this course gives you the tools and strategies to confidently communicate for yourself and support your whole family in doing the same. In fact, the skills learned in this course are great communication tools for life in general and translate well with anyone to your kids, co-workers or even with each other. I loved the time and energy Megan gives in presenting this content, so that you leave having tried it out, with feedback, before using it in real life high conflict situations. I have learned so many new and lifelong skills from the Conflict Influencer course and am thankful for the small piece of freedom this has gained back in our family life. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a step parent and/or parent, traversing a high conflict blended family environment, and seeking an easier and less stressful way forward."