Live Lab™ BIFF: Using BIFF Responses for Email and Text

Learn how to use the BIFF Response® method for responding to hostile email (or texts, social media posts, or other written communications. 

BIFF extracts everything in your writing that will cause return emails/texts. 

Even our best efforts can blow up and cause lots of damage and drain our energy and time. The BIFF Response method extracts anything that will make the conflict big instead of making it small or eliminating it.

This Live Lab teaches you the BIFF Response method for high-conflict written interactions. BIFF is:

  • Brief
  • Informative
  • Friendly
  • Firm

Use BIFF Response in:

  • emails
  • text messages
  • social media
  • work channels
  • any written communication

How Live Lab Will Help You

You'll benefit from this Live Lab intense practice session with our experienced coach. It is:

  • available for anyone in any part of the world

  • 60 minutes long

  • specifically focused on our BIFF Response® method

What to expect

  • Your Live Lab coach will meet you on Zoom and after a brief introductions, you will dive right into practicing the skills.

  • The Live Lab is skills only. It is not therapy nor legal advice.

  • It will work ideally for you to  take this course in advance (but not required)

    • How to Write a BIFF Response

What happens after purchase

You will be taken to a coaching page where you'll schedule your Live Lab session.


$60.00 USD


Last updated on December 23, 2023

  1. Neither High Conflict Institute nor its consultants or coaches are providing legal services or advice, nor therapy services or advice, but rather informing, educating and helping participants practice the skills that may be considered in high-conflict disputes.
  2. HCI encourages Live Lab participants to seek ongoing consultation with local professionals for handling high-conflict cases.
  3. HCI and its consultants and coaches will not be held liable for any actions and decisions made by Live Lab participants in relation to cases or situations of any kind.
  4. HCI's Live Labs are intended to be confidential, but do not have the confidentiality protections of a therapist-client or attorney-client relationship.
  5. Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis and will be assessed an administrative fee.

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