Help for Parents and Families in Divorce, Separation and Co-parenting


Kids deserve to get the best of everybody: dad, mom, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins. And the best of life.

You can improve their lives.

You can improve your life.

You can extract yourself from the chaos.


It's not hopeless.

Navigating the complexities of blended families, co-parenting dynamics, and high-conflict situations can be challenging. Our goal is to empower you with essential skills and knowledge by learning new ways of managing and influencing conflict—especially high-conflict.

We will teach you what you need to the core of conflict by helping you understand fear-driven (and predictable) behaviors, and how to flip your script—your responses and interactions. You can learn to manage the situation/relationship by using your Whole Brain, which means calming your React Brain, while stimulating your Think Brain.


We offer many solutions to help you. You can see them all  below.  Some are one-to-one with us, while other solutions are offered in virtual groups or on demand (on your own). There's something for everyone, and if you don't see what you're looking for or have questions, let us know here.


1:1 phone or virtual educational consultation with Bill Eddy or Megan Hunter

For: parents or any family member

Focus: best for those wanting specific help with their case, but available to everyone.

Note: does not include legal advice.

Cost: $350/hour


Coaching + Online Class

1:1 coaching session through the New Ways for Families® online class

For: parents

Focus: for parents in a high-conflict case (regular or alienation/estrangement-focused) or wanting to prevent high-conflict

Cost: $87 for 6 classes/$117 for 12 classes
Pricing varies by country.


Conflict Influencer™

Group online class led by Megan Hunter including direct application to your situation

For: parents or other family members

Focus: 6-week live virtual class divided equally between lecture and discussing your high-conflict situation, includes BIFF, EAR, THINK & SLIC skills

Cost: $199


Live Lab

1:1 coaching session to learn specific skills:

  • BIFF Response® (emails/texts)
  • EAR Statement™ + THINK action (verbal)
  • SLIC (setting limits & imposing consequences)

For: parents or any family member

Focus: best for learning a specific skill quickly

Cost: $60/hour 



High-conflict focused books by Bill Eddy or Megan Hunter and others

For: parents or any family member

Focus: all books help families in high-conflict cases, including legal strategy, relationship strategy self-care, conflict communication and more

Cost: varies


On demand video/audio

On demand videos and audios by Bill Eddy available 24/7

For: parents or any family member

Focus: high-conflict strategies and help for any stage of your case, whether before, during or after a divorce or separation is finalized

Cost: varies



Our divorce and co-parenting books are listed below but you can see the complete bookstore here.


We love answering your questions.

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