Live Lab

A virtual solution with our skilled coaches to practice the key
communication skills. It takes practice.

High-Conflict interactions require practice

Interactions in high-conflict situations require special skills, which are often the opposite of what you’re used to doing with everyone and what you feel like doing (getting emotionally hooked is common). 

Most people struggle with communicating in a high-conflict situation, whether in conversation or in an email or text message, and setting limits is equally challenging.

That's why the Live Lab was created—to help anyone learn new skills to calm the chaos and increase peace.

You can learn about the skills through training, but until you practice them, it’s unlikely you’ll remember to use them or know how to use them in a high-conflict situation.

HCI’s Live Lab™ is practice intensive.

  • Live Lab is available for anyone in any part of the world

  • Live Lab is 60 minutes

  • Live Lab focuses on high-conflict communication techniques that we've developed:

    • BIFF Response® for written communication

    • CalmB4Think™ (EAR Statement™ + Thinking Statement) for verbal communication

    • Boundaries & Setting Limits for reducing chaos and creating structure

What to expect

  • Your Live Lab coach will meet you on Zoom or phone and after a brief introductions, you will dive right into practicing the skills.

  • After you complete the Live Lab, you will have the skills to more adeptly handle high-conflict interactions.

  • The Live Lab is skills only. It is not therapy nor legal advice. You will have opportunity to practice the skills with your coach in relation to your unique situation.

  • It will work ideally for you to have taken these courses in advance, but they're not required.

Take just one Lab or take all three labs.


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