Co-Parenting Without Court


New Ways for Families®

Online Class and Coaching for
high-conflict divorce, separation and co-parenting

Wouldn't it be nice to handle your co-parenting relationship without constant conflict, endless  blaming, hostile emails/ messages, and threats of court? 

The biggest challenges in high-conflict divorce and co-parenting  come from the fallout from unmanaged emotions, extreme behaviors, all-or-nothing thinking, and blaming each other.

New Ways for Families: Co-Parenting Without Court focuses specifically on helping you learn to do the opposite. You'll learn how to identify them and shift them into managed emotions, moderate behaviors, flexible thinking, and checking yourself to make sure you're not stuck in a blame cycle.


New Ways for Families® Co-Parenting Without Court:

  • focuses on learning "new ways" of thinking, feeling and behaving, rather than focusing on the past or blaming each other
  • is for parents re-organizing their families after or during a separation or divorce
  • teaches tried and tested communication methods to deal with high-conflict situations

  • explains the detrimental effects that conflict and extreme behavior can have on your child’s developing brain
  • reduces your stress as you learn new relationship and conflict skills

  • help both parents develop new ways of making decisions, communicating, and planning for children.

This class and coaching may be used:

  • if you jointly agree to use it (without being ordered by the court)
  • if a court orders you
  • whether you have direct contact with each other or no direct contact
  • no matter the age of your child/ren.

***We recommend using a coach along with the class to maximize your benefit. Coaches can help you apply the new skills to your situation.***

Class includes:
12 sessions for parents
4 sessions for the kids